Workflow Management

Workflow Management is the least dramatic, but most effective tools for enhancing operational efficiencies and, through those efficiencies, agency profits.

E&O maximum credits are applied to agencies who have solid procedures and show optimal management of those procedures. Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s Workflow Management consultation does a number of things;

1. It tests and studies all current agency procedures,

2. It uses agency staff to draft existing procedures for all existing workflows,

3. It uses agency management to confirm or change procedures to optimize existing workflows,

4. It generates new procedures for areas in which no current procedures exist,

5. It creates an audit and management function in the agency to assure that procedures are managed to optimal use,

6. It creates the flexibility in procedures to permit changes and exceptions to satisfy the needs of clients (with management, oversight).

If you have ever felt “out of control” with your staff handling client transactions in very non-standard ways, the Workflow Management consultation is perfect for you to regain control over your staff workflows and work efforts.

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