Introduction to Insurance Agency Benchmarking


In 1987 Agency Consulting Group, Inc. began collecting agency data to compare agency performance. Little did we know that thousands of agencies would be sending their data to us annually and using our Composite Group averages to benchmark their own performance. Our Composite Groups were always size sensitive (four agency size categories) rather than State or Specific Group sensitive. Agents and Associations all over the country have asked us to convert to permit an agency to compare his/her results against their own State’s (or other homogeneous group’s) Composite Group. We have now provided this facility to you!

We are proud to present the newest, fastest, and least expensive method for independent insurance agencies to benchmark their own performance against their peers on a live, real—time basis.

Originally, we collated data from agencies all year, publishing our Composite Group Analysis to the industry each fall. Now with the automation available through the Internet, we can continuously update our Composite Groups for Benchmarking purposes.

What does that mean to you?

It means that when you enter your data into the form that follows this explanation, that data will anonymously be entered into our data base and your agency performance will be added to your State group (or against another sponsoring homogeneous group) to which you may belong as well as to the countrywide group of agents of similar size AND THIS SERVICE IS TOTALLY FREE. In return you will get a User ID and Password that will permit you to view your specific state’s (or homogeneous group’s) Composite Group on a Real Time Live basis. This information will change constantly as more agents ‘plug in’ their data.

Plus A Really Low-Cost Analysis —

In addition to the free service sponsored by your State Association (or homogeneous group), you will be able to get an analysis of your own agency’s performance against that of the State Composite Group to determine if you reflect any EXCEPTIONAL (high performance) traits or any ABERRATIONS (performance below that of your Composite Group). You will receive an analysis in response that shows you Up-To-The-Minute Composite Group results vs. your agency’s results on a line-by-line basis for all revenues and expenses. You will also get your Agency Productivity compared to the productivity of the Composite Group. The cost of this service ——$25.00 (using Paypal’s secure payment server)

New Balance Sheet Liquidity Ratios

A new addition to the database will permit you to enter balance sheet information that will develop the top six Liquidity Ratios for insurance agencies. That information will be available for you to review using your User Name and Password and will be a part of the Quick Analysis Report that compares your own Liquidity Ratios against that of your Group (for the same $25 as the Operating Statement Quick Analysis). Privacy and Confidentiality

Your agency name is retained and used only to provide you a User Name and Password. The data collected in the Composite Group databases is never used for any purpose beside the creation of the database of agency performance and liquidity ratios. Agency identifiers are not related to specific agency data within our database. In other words, without your own user-created password we may know that an agency has submitted data but would not know which agency’s data is related to a specific agency identifier. Why is Agency Consulting Group, Inc. providing this service?

We have the database constructed. We have a team of talented webmasters (see below if you would like web design) who responded to the challenge to update the database and results. We owe a great debt to the industry for putting its trust in us to consult and provide agency valuations for thousands of insurance businesses since 1985. AND THE MORE INSURANCE AGENCIES KNOW ABOUT THEMSELVES, THE BETTER WE CAN SERVE THEM TO HELP THEM GROW AND PROSPER!!

Enjoy this Service ——

Al Diamond