Producer Acquisitions, Compensation and Management

In order for an agency to be successful it must transition itself into a sales organization. Agency Consulting Group, Inc. can help an agency in every phase of this process, including locating and hiring producers, training, compensation and managing producers to profit the agency (and themselves).

Producer identification and selection – Traditional methods of locating producers have failed. However, agents throughout the U.S. are creating new ways of bringing young producers into the independent agency business. Agency Consulting Group, Inc. will help you identify the best ways of bringing new talent to the agency in production roles. The informal interview has never been the best way to hire producers. Agency Consulting Group, Inc. will provide you with interview questions and ways to evaluate answers given you by producer candidates.

Producer Compensation – Whether a producer is paid straight commission, draw, salary or through a combination of methods, they are always paid in accordance with their production activities to the agency. Agency Consulting Group, Inc. designs a compensation program specifically tailored for your agency and the producers you employ. All programs are created to motivate producers to SELL, rather than to service customers.

Producer Management – You should never have to oversee experienced producers. However, they must be responsible for reporting their activities to assure themselves and you that they are living up to their charter as salespeople for your agency. Agency Consulting Group, Inc. will provide manual and automated ways for producers to track their own performance for themselves and for the agency.

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