About ACG

Agency Consulting Group, Inc. is a consulting practice, established in 1980 and dedicated to the needs of independent agents throughout the U.S.

It is headed by Al Diamond, a 32+ year veteran of the insurance industry with agency, stock company and direct writing experience. With its own attorney and Enrolled Agent (tax specialist licensed to practice before the IRS) in addition to agency management specialists, Agency Consulting Group, Inc. is staffed to assist agencies through the maze of business issues toward growth and profit. The firm operates nationally on behalf of independent insurance agents.

Mr. Diamond has been deeply involved in all facets of insurance agency operations including merger, acquisition and divestiture, perpetuation and strategic planning, organizational development, compensation and salary administration programs, administrative and financial operations, marketing and automation planning and ESOP and perpetuation issues. A recognized expert in agency valuations and agency operational issues, Mr. Diamond acts as an Expert Witness in these matters.

Mr. Diamond is the Immediate-Past-President of the American Association of Insurance Management Consultants (AAIMCO). He has created a Masters Program in insurance agency management (MAM) certifying agency managers and professionally managed insurance agencies (ACE – Agency Certified in Excellence). He is a qualified instructor for all of the “Best Practices of Insurance Agencies” programs of the Independent Insurance Agents of America. Mr. Diamond writes a national newsletter for insurance agency principals and insurance industry executives, THE PIPELINE, which is distributed to agents, associations, and carriers throughout the U.S. He has spoken to hundreds of agency groups over the past 20 years that he has spent as a consultant. Mr. Diamond belongs to the American Arbitration Association, and was a charter member of the Quality Insurance Congress.

Mr. Diamond acts as independent moderator for disputes arising from insurance agency operations, as needed. Mr. Diamond’s practice includes annual valuation and analyses of insurance agencies throughout the United States. Mr. Diamond and Agency Consulting Group, Inc. are one of the few consulting firms operating nationwide for agency valuation and consulting services from its Cherry Hill, NJ location. Since 1985 Agency Consulting Group has collected financial data and published the averages of common revenue and expense categories for independent insurance agencies in various size groups.

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