Producer Validation and Management Program

By answering a few questions, you will provide Agency Consulting Group, Inc. sufficient information about your agency and the way you pay your producers to permit us to “tailor” a Validation Schedule and Producer Management Report specifically for your company.

Producer compensation is an art, not a science. As a result, there are as many ways to pay producers as there are agencies. No way is right or wrong if it works to a) fairly compensate your producers, b) motivate producers to grow their books of business through new business sales, and c) makes money for the agency. A compensation program can be wrong if any of these three aforementioned tenets are violated. If we find that your compensation program is flawed, we will tell you, and offer you our services to alter your compensation program to accomplish those three goals.

To try THE PRODUCER VALIDATION PROGRAM, call us at 800-779-2430 and we’ll send you a 30-Day Sample Program. This is a full version (non-printable) to permit you to try the program for your producers. All of our programs are fully refundable, so if you order either version and find it less than you expected, you can just call us for a refund. Call us to order the Standard or Platinum versions or click below to be redirected to Paypal for your credit card number. The Standard Version is a one year full version for $250. The Platinum Version is available for $400 and it includes lifetime support and updates. If you order the Standard Version, you will be able to purchase an Annual Update and Support License for $100/year after the first year.

You may also print our order form and send to us with your check.

Producer Validation – Standard

Producer Validation – Platinum

Annual Update & Support License  $100.00 (payable securely with PayPal)