The Liquidity Analysis Audit Process

The greatest concern for every seller or retiring agency owner is whether they will receive their full value for their agency if payments are made over time by their successor or buyer. Finally, we can provide the seller the full security that their asset value (agreed upon during the transition) will come to them – as promised – without fail.

Agency Consulting Group, Inc. has been performing Liquidity Analysis Audits for three decades, showing agencies how Balance Sheet liquidity defines the financial stability of insurance agencies. One significant part of that financial stability is the measure of whether the agency can meet its immediate and long term financial obligations. By conducting a simple set of liquidity tests on the agency’s monthly balance sheet, Agency Consulting Group, Inc. can be your “eyes and ears” to assure that the business you worked so hard to build and create value for your family will provide you every dollar of value that has been agreed upon by your successor or buyer.

Link here to see the specifics of this program that gives every seller ‘sleep insurance’ that they will never get a surprise letter telling them that the terms of the transaction cannot be honored. It will allow buyers to purchase agencies, over time, with interest going to the seller instead of to a financial institution that may not grant as friendly terms as the seller in the transaction. This is perfect for internal transfers, as well as mergers and acquisitions that result in stock or book ownership transfers.

The liquidity analysis audit process is done monthly by ACG on behalf of the agency.

The cost of the process is $100/month payable annually for ACG clients.

$150/month for non-ACG clients.