Agency Valuation

Every agency in the United States bears a value. Unfortunately, many agents do not ascertain their values until after a crisis occurs. The IRS often intervenes and determines a value that is rarely kind to an agent’s estate.

Whether for Estate Planning, Internal Perpetuation, Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs, ESOP, Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales, Agency Consulting Group, Inc. will create Fair Market Valuation for independent agencies. We have provided valuations throughout the U.S. since 1985.

In a few, extremely complex situations, Agency Consulting Group, Inc. staff visits agencies to create the valuation. However, in the vast majority of cases, we send a Valuation Questionnaire that is completed by agency staff and returned to us with supporting documentation. During the conduct of the Valuation, we will call designated key participants for any additional information because, while most agencies operate similarly, there are always unusual, unique situations that influence agency values.

The final result is presented in a bound document which reflects a variety of valuation formulas (we have 45 from which to choose) tailored to your agency’s needs and situation. Re-valuations are conducted annually for a modest fee since all base information is already in our system.

Hundreds of agencies each year avail themselves of Agency Consulting Group, Inc.?s Agency Valuation service tailored to the desire of the specific agency. Most valuations are done remotely with absolutely no intrusion on the operations of the agency. You complete a questionnaire and return it with needed documentation for our analysts to input to create your current agency value. We call you with questions and conclude with a full valuation document. If you have a very complex situation (death of an owner, multiple corporations, etc) we can also visit and collect all data needed on site. At the other end of the spectrum we have a growing number of agents who wish to conduct their own valuations. Using our Agency Valuer software, you can perform the same valuations that we conduct (although we cannot attest to the validity of valuations (for legal or tax purposes) that we do not conduct).

The Standards & Guidelines for Appraising Insurance Agencies/Brokers

Section 197 Intangible Assets


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