Agency Valuer

Have you ever wondered how the appraisers in our industry calculate the value of agencies? How are professional valuers like Agency Consulting Group, Inc. so incredibly accurate when they cast valuations? What is their secret?

I can assure you that multiples of revenues, earnings, or any other “rule-of-thumb” method are simply not valid ways to measure the value of an agency. They are all simplistic guesses based on very few solid facts.

  • If you were purchasing an agency, you don’t want to pay for a guess of the value of your acquisition.
  • If you were selling your agency, don’t you want to be paid the full value of the agency rather than a ballpark estimate?

In fact, the value of an agency is simple: It is the current value of that agency’s future earnings potential, and the result is an actual dollar amount, not a multiple or percentage of some random financial factor.

THE AGENCY VALUER is a program that de-mystifies the determination of the value of an agency based on known factors and your educated judgment of the future expectations of success of the agency being appraised. THE AGENCY VALUER provides you with the tools to develop and recognize the agency’s trends in each line of income and expense, define how those trends will evolve into the future, and translate those future income and earnings potentials into a present value based on historical fact and your estimates of future occurrences. Your result is based on facts, rather than rule-of-thumb fiction.

Try it now, risk free, with our 2-way guarantee! You can order with the confidence of a no-question asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Or if you determine that you need our assistance to complete your valuation, we will credit your entire purchase price toward the cost of a full service valuation for 6 months after your purchase date.

THE AGENCY VALUER costs only $500, and this includes free updates for 1-year and free technical support for 90 days. Annual updates are only $100 and keeps your copy of THE AGENCY VALUER up to date with the latest improvements. As an added benefit, when you order THE AGENCY VALUER, you will receive a complimentary subscription to The PIPELINE, Agency Consulting Group’s monthly newsletter for insurance agency owners and principals (a $60 value).

To order THE AGENCY VALUER, simply click the button below to complete the order form and use your credit card to make your payment (powered by PayPal). Or, you can call our office at (800) 779-2430 to place your order with our staff.

Agency Valuer