Whether you are hiring new employees or trying to live with your existing staff every manager/owner sometimes feels that they are on a different ‘wave-length’ than their employees – that they sometimes don’t understand your stresses and your priorities – or they understand and don’t care. It is as if the employees are managing the manager instead of the opposite.

We each say to ourselves at some times during our careers, “Why aren’t my direct employees listening and complying with my needs and priorities – even when I tell them EXPLICITLY?”

Wouldn’t you like a ‘magic’ way to tell how to make each of your direct reports better able to comply with your goals and needs as a manager and agency owner? A few brave professional magicians are coming out and telling the public that ‘magic’ is really not – it is a ‘manipulation’ of response to the desired result. And, while the word manipulation as defined by magicians is (hopefully) only for entertainment, managers have, for generations, tried to successfully ‘manipulate’ their employees to accommodate the goals and needs of the manager and of the organization.

But manipulation has a negative connotation. It may also mean defining the motivations of the target audience and converting those motivations to actions that accomplish the organization’s needs. So let’s not use the negative term, manipulation. Instead agency owners must learn how to ‘manage’ employees to accomplish the organization’s and the owner’s goals.

If you knew that a specific batter usually swings on the second pitch, or that your poker opponent has a ‘tell’ (a sign of sorts) every time (s)he is bluffing – you would most likely be much more successful in achieving your goals in each situation. Taking the Leadership Assessment and giving it to your direct reports and/or to prospective direct employees can give you the knowledge of how to manage your employees to accomplish the goals that you establish for them and for you within their personality dynamics. The cost is truly minimal for the results potential.

So while we can’t offer ‘magic’ answers, Omnia, a leader is employee assessment, has recently evolved a LEADERSHIP PROFILE that defines your personality in terms of Assertiveness, Communications Style and Problem Solving, Pace and Structure. It then compares your style against that of strong leadership standards and against the candidates or employees who are your direct responders. The result will show you how your profile meshes (or doesn’t) with the standards of strong management performance.

The assessment is then given to your direct reports or to candidates for that job. It compares their dynamics in the terms defined above and within specific area that will help you determine how best to manage each employee to achieve your goals within their personality dynamics.

Of course, no mini-assessment is ever intended to, nor should it be use, to evaluate employees. Rather, it allows you the ‘magic’ of knowing how best to direct your employees to accomplish your and your organization’s goals in a way that suits their strengths and weaknesses, their motivation and your management style.

Call Carletta Clyatt, SVP of Omnia at for more information and pricing on this product. It is very reasonable and useful as an analytical tool to help you a) enhance your own management style, and b) to allow you to understand how best to manage each of your employees to their maximum success within your organization.