Incentive Compensation Programs

Your employees are your greatest business assets. Some of you will agree with that statement. Others will shudder at that thought. But, realistically, the more people you employ, the more THEY, not you, become the face of your agency to your clients.

You would like to pay them what they are worth to your business and you would like to pay them in a way that motivates them to treat your clients the way you would like them to be treated.

Incentive Compensation takes a simple philosophy and brings it to reality in an agency setting. Employees should be paid according to their productivity and profitability to the agency, not just based on their longevity.

Our Incentive Compensation Program teaches the employees how to become ever more productive and allows them to measure their own productivity gains during the year. Those that become more productive get paid better than those who cannot become more productive. The end result is that you retain the more motivated, more positive and more productive employees in your employ.

Call David, my son and Marketing Director, or me directly to discuss the potential of Incentive Compensation in your agency.

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