Many agencies would like to institute engaging competitions within their offices to promote sales activity.

For many years Agency Consulting Group, Inc. has designed tailored Sales Competition Programs to create healthy competition and add some fun to sometimes high pressure and tedious agency jobs. These programs are created as the back-end of our Asset Protection Model, Cross-Selling and Active Referral Training that converts the agency’s staff from being “demand providers” into becoming “proactive providers” of services that the clients and prospects need, but may not be aware that the services are available.

In 2008, we created a standardized Sales Competition Program that works in tandem with our Sales Training to promote cross-selling, referral generation and a reward system that pays for itself many times over in increased agency revenues. For agencies that have enjoyed Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s Asset Protection Model, Cross-Selling or Active Referral training, then you might want to look into this program. These programs provide a record keeping method for incoming calls, outbound calls, policies sold and revenues generated. Although ACG has changed the categories for many current agency users based on their specific needs based on the agency’s specific week, month and year-to-date, data is only entered once and populates all monthly and annual fields with very easy print screens to keep everyone aware of the standings at any time.

If you feel that your agency needs assistance in the design of the Sales Compensation Program, which is based on the revenue potential of the product being sold, contact Agency Consulting Group, Inc. Please note – the Sales Competition Program is a record-keeping program in support of training tools given to the sales staff by the agency or Agency Consulting Group, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about our Sales Training, Asset Protection Model, Cross-Selling module, or Active Referral generation, contact our Marketing Director, David Diamond, at 800-779-2430. He will be happy to discuss how these programs may fit in your agency.