We Didnt Know You Can Do That!

Have you ever heard that statement from a friend or customer when you tell him of some of the products and services that your provide? Many times, the disclosure of your ability to service the customer’s insurance needs beyond those products already sold comes too late. The customer has already purchased the products or services elsewhere even though he would have preferred to use your services.

We strongly urge you to highlight a different service or product to your clients (and prospects) each month. If you send mail to your clients, a different brochure or descriptive letter can be sent each month. If your business has become less postal oriented, you should consider developing your own version of an agency newsletter that can include the same messages about your different services. We are all aware of the need to establish a regular and steady stream of communication between your agency and its customers. This is one way of continuing that communication and advertising your services simultaneously.

Many agencies have recorded messages on “hold” for telephone callers. Here is another opportunity for disseminating information about your variety of insurance products and services. Develop a number of messages and change them often. If you leave a message on the machine for a prolonged period, it becomes like background noise and the customers don’t hear it. if you’re unsure whether your message has been played to long, simply ask customers (randomly) what they heard while on hold waiting for you to pick up.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find the first of a series of articles about the services of Agency Consulting Group, Inc. You see, we too have fallen into that trap. a number of our agent friends and clients were surprised by the different products and services provided by our firm. We hope that this will help remedy the communication gap.