The Video Brochure

The Agency Consulting Group, Inc. is proud to present a new concept in targeted marketing of insurance agencies, the Video Brochure.

For years, advanced marketing agencies have tried to outdo each other with professional print brochures. These advertisements have been effective, but repetitive. And they have often done a less than acceptable job in transmitting the human element of the agency, it’s history, it’s attention to detail, it’s personality.

In 1993, ACG incorportated the services of Multi Images Video to develop and produce a personalized, high quality, professional five minute video that tells your agency’s story in your way.

The video stresses:

1) Professional, experienced, caring producers,

2) Trained, dedicated service staff to accomodate the clients every insurance need,

3) High levels of attention and follow up to claims service, and

4) a professional looking physical plant, inside and out

In order to realize the importance of this product at this price, we suggest that you contact a local video production company and ask how much they would need to produce a similar product – without the experience of Agency Consulting Group staff with over 20 years experience working with insurance agencies guiding the production.

The price? $2,500 complete – including one day shooting on-site, pre-production scripting, and post-production editing. Please call us 609-779-2430 for more information – or for a copy of our own video brochure.