The Magic Wand

During this season of the year Agency Consulting Group Consultants conduct many strategic planning sessions for insurance agencies throughout the United States. In more agencies that we would like to admit than we would like to admit it appears that what is being sought is “a magic wand” the touch of which will eliminate the agencies problems. The problem is that the magic want actually exists. However, it exists in cases and all of the pieces have to be combined in order to make it effective. Worse yet, the pieces are invisible and reside between the right and left hemisphere in the minds of the decision makers and participants in the businesses that we serve.

No one knows more about your particular business than you and your employees. Unfortunately solutions are frequently overlooked because the problem solvers are too use to doing things in a routine fashion and cannot think “outside the box”. this is where a good consultant is most useful. Synergy is the concept that better and more innovative results will come from the combination of the thought process of many individuals than the some of each of their thought processes combined. If you seek the answer to the problems in your insurance agency – look within. Eliminate all of your rules – look outside of the norm – think outside of the box. And do it with the others who participate in the operation of your agency. An open and frank conversation without the limitations of the paradigms that traps most organizations will yield innovative responses to growth problems, efficiency problems and profit problems within businesses like yours.

Will insurance agencies succeed into the next generation? Certainly!! We can cite you dozen of examples of agencies who are changing to meet changing conditions in order to provide insurance base services to a customer base at a profit to the agencies owners. Growth, efficiency and profitability is the key. The methods for achieving that growth, efficiency and profitability requires the combination of the thought process of all of the individuals involved in the agency.

That’s how to construct the “magic wand”. the pieces of the “wand” fit like a jigsaw puzzle when the right open-ended questions are asked and innovative responses are generated by the members of your agency team. Call us if you would like us to assist you in creating that innovation for your agency.