Thank you once again for all the concern and well-wishes that came our way from clients and friends throughout the U.S. and Canada after our storm in October.

Most of us feel the impact of weather related disasters based on their proximity to us. When something happens in Asia or Africa, it is just a news story. When it happens on our shores, we ask what we can do to help our own. When it happens to our friends and neighbors, it becomes personal and loss of lives and property becomes a source of mourning even when it wasn’t your own losses. When it happens to us, personally, most of us are just in shock and can’t believe the devastation.

My Goldmail (click to see) to all of our friends subsequent to the event was to assure them that we were o.k. and to prompt them to look to their own disaster preparedness and disaster recovery efforts. We were prepared. But, like most people, we had no idea what being prepared meant.

Luckily we have a secret weapon that helped us prepare both personally and professionally. I would like to introduce you to a man named Will and to his website,

Will is Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s security and communications consultant with experience that is so extensive that we simply don’t have the space to list it. Will knows more about security (personal, business, automation, network and communication) than anyone else we’ve met. And, most importantly, he is our friend.

After his wonderful efforts that kept us safe and sound during the last few weeks, I’ve gotten permission from him to share his wisdom and website with you, our readers. Whether you are in Florida, California, the Jersey Coast or in Minnesota, you must prepare for both the natural and unnatural risks to your person and to your business. I’ve known Will for quite some time and have always felt that he could offer much more to my clients than we have presented to date.

So if you’re interested in a little proactive preparation so you, too, are not among the unfortunate throngs of victims, I urge you to call us and spend a little time on the phone with Will to get to know him. While his time is as valuable and as stressed as my own, I’ve urged him to offer Agency Consulting Group, Inc. clients conversation and advice as a part of our service to you. Please consider a conversation with him regarding your own situation. He is a WEALTH of knowledge and can be available to you for whatever time you need on a consulting basis billed through Agency Consulting Group, Inc. Call Lilly or Jen in our office (800-779-2430) and they will schedule an initial conversation with Will at no cost to get acquainted with him (please limit it to 15 minutes) and additional time with you and Will billed in quarter-hour increments as you need it. Will can also visit you for general consulting or for specific needs. His advice is extremely valuable for business owners and for people concerned with the security of their property and families in any form of situation.