For many years we have stressed that your agency is reflected by your web presence. As more and more clients and prospects visit you on the web it becomes ever more important to have a vibrant site that reflects your business’ “personality.”

A few weeks ago we opened our new website, While we continue to expand our value by expanding the resources we make available to agents and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada, we also continue to seek ‘cutting edge’ technologies that will enhance YOUR experience on our site.

So, while we were proud of Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s website in its prior iteration (the fourth ‘generation’ of our web presence), this NEW website further advances the ease of accessing information about Agency Consulting Group, Inc. and value-added products and material that will help you, our friends, whether or not you need our active services on a regular basis.

Please visit our site (ACG’s New Website Link) and, by all means, send us an e-mail ( to tell us what you think, positive or negative, and to provide your recommendations for any changes that would make your experience on our website even better.