Monday Morning Markets, a new concept in marketing for insurance agency growth, is celebrating its first full year of operation by changing its name and its look and upgrading its marketing efforts for independent agencies.  As of August 1, 2017 Monday Morning Markets will be known as USA Insurance Network ( ).  www.mondaymorningmarkets will still be active to educate agencies about the Monday Morning Markets/USA Insurance Network concept.  USA Insurance Network will be the the brand identification for the personal and business consumers.

Monday Morning Markets was born out of the agents need for more proactive marketing and customer growth.  During our consulting efforts with agents all over the U.S. and Canada we’ve heard the same primary need, “Help us busy up our production staff with contacts with new customers for lines of business for which we have distinct advantages.”

George Nordhaus responded with a new concept in which we at Agency Consulting Group, Inc. have taken a leading role to allow agencies to sell as many as 700 specialty coverages with territorial exclusivity to avoid having other agencies in the same areas able to sell the same products.  Monday Morning Markets was designed to attract prospects local to Monday Morning Markets agencies directly to the appointed agencies to visit, create relationships and make new sales.

As the concept and its Featured Programs grew, George expanded the marketing to attract ANY insurance prospect to the Monday Morning Markets agencies.  So the new brand is USA Insurance Network and its expressed goal is to attract insurance customers of all types to its appointed agencies, helping the agencies market to those prospects with USA Insurance Network PKV’s (Product Knowledge Videos) and optimizing search engines to cause more prospects to visit each agency’s website.  The Product Knowledge Videos are short but effective sales tools showing prospects why the Featured Product is right for them and why the USA Insurance Network agency is the logical supplier of all of the prospects insurance needs.

Here’s what USA INSURANCE NETWORK can do for your agency:

  1. It will add video content to your website making it attract more viewers.
  2. It will add products to your agency through both the Featured Programs and through Rough Notes Insurance Marketplace 700 available programs. YOU are the agent.  YOU make the sales.  YOU get all the commission.
  3. It will direct non-specialty lines prospects in your area to your agency and to your website through USA Insurance Network search engine optimization.
  4. It will give you a dedicated territory of about 200,000 population – you will be the only USA Insurance Network agency in the area for that population base. You may market anywhere but you will not have many other agencies with similar programs.
  5. It will actually conduct multi-step marketing campaigns for your agency for any specialty market with all leads accruing to only your agency’s benefit *
  6. It will offer you Agency Consulting Group, Inc. services to enhance your production capacity and capabilities through consulting efforts.*
  7. There is NO cost to agents to join and participate in USA Insurance Network

*extra cost services