Merger, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Each year, Agency Consulting Group, Inc. assists many agencies to acquire, merge or divest. We can help you locate candidates or work with candidates that you have already selected. We can represent your agency in negotiations – or – upon approval of both parties, we can mediate the process, working for both (or all) entities in the transaction. In the latter case, our goal is to create a Win/Win scenario with an option to terminate the transaction if one party would be harmed. Within this consultation are the following services:

Search & Screen – locating agencies for sale, available to merge or desirous of a purchase

Agency Analysis – perform the “due diligence” to assure that the target agency is operating as represented

Cash Flow Analysis – Defines acquisition and merger cash flow to identify economies of scale and ability to sponsor the acquisition or merger.

Agency Valuation – create the Fair Market Valuation for the precise transaction in process

Negotiations – The wise agent never negotiates on his own behalf. Should a roadblock occur, the agent must either yield or walk away. Using a negotiator permits studied counter-offers without offending either party.

Facilitation – In mediation cases in which we facilitate, rather than negotiate, we coordinate the needs and requirements of each party to a logical middle-ground.

Letter Of Intent – This document, in plain English, defines the agreement between the two parties and is prepared to guide the attorneys in their contract design.

Implementation – How to tell the customers, carriers, employees; Integration of operations and systems; problem resolution

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