More and more agencies every year are converting to Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s ICP (Incentive Compensation Program) from the subjective compensation programs that don’t incent the staff to do more than show up every day.  No one knows how much they will get (or IF they will get) a raise in the new year and the decision depends on how the agency owner feels when he is deciding how much he can afford to pay his staff to make sure they stay and are relatively satisfied as employees.

Everyone wants to make more money every year.  But we, as agency owners, know that if you don’t generate more income, you can’t make more money.  Unfortunately, no one trains our employees to think that way.

Many years ago we evolved the ICP (Incentive Compensation Program) to address that issue by linking GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY with employee compensation in such a straight-forward way that the employees, themselves, can measure their progress toward a raise while the agency owners are confident that any raise will be manageable by the growth of profitable commission income for the agency.

The ICP automatically involves generating new business, accepting new accounts created by the agency’s producers, Active Retention (keeping clients with the agency), upsell and cross-sell and achieving referrals in the compensation management upon which each employee concentrates because it affects his/her own pocketbook.

Please consider SIMPLIFYING your compensation program in 2018 instead of over-complicating it.  The ICP is transitioned into an agency over a 3 year period that removes the “threat” from the program and teaches every agency employee how what’s good for the agency (growth and profit) is also good for the individual and department employees.

Call us 800 779 2430 to set up an initial consultation to qualify your agency as an ICP candidate.  We are actively implementing the ICP in agencies beginning in every month of the New Year.  Let us show you how making your staff the highest paid agency employees in your area will also make your agency (and you) more money than ever before.