One of an agency’s greatest struggles is to determine how many, and what size prospects are right for its producers, and projecting the goals of prospecting. Agency Consulting Group is pleased to introduce The Prospecting Suite. The Prospecting Suite helps agents and producers define the appropriate size accounts that will adequately sponsor a producer’s time, the number of prospects that a producer may pursue during the year and the NB target goal and revenue projection resulting from prospecting. The Prospecting Suite is the right program to enhance producer’s follow up if a marketing program is pursued instead of a simply solicitation letter and/or visit.

The PROSPECTING SUITE is comprised of a data entry page with only 21 questions and three sets of calculations that may be used together or separately. The product permits maximum flexibility to create numerous ‘What If’ scenarios from within each tool and the template may be replicated for as many producers as the agency may have, but is limited to use by the purchasing agency only during the licensing period.

This product can be purchased now through an annual or unlimited use software product. The annual PROSPECTING SUITE costs $500 and the Platinum Version which has permanent with annual updates is available for only $1,000. Both can be purchased through our website and payment via PayPal. This program, like all Agency Consulting Group, Inc. products (excluding Agency Valuations), is available at no cost only those current clients that have had on site consultation services within the last six months.


Data Entry Page – Answering 21 simple questions about the producer and the agency will automatically populate each of the three critical sections to provide you real-time answers to the important questions about prospecting for your producers.

1. The Prospect Calculator – This software defines the minimum size (premium and commission) of prospects that are suitable for an agency’s producers. The basis of size for potential prospects is a combination of producer expense and the length and duration of the marketing efforts generated by the agency. While the Prospect Calculator may be used independently for any producer and marketing efforts of any length and duration, it fits perfectly in Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s Producer Validation tool and the 15-Step Marketing Program featured in the Asset Protection Model of Relationship Selling.

2. The PPT (Producer Prospecting Time) defines how much prospecting time a producer logically has in a year (and by week) based on how many clients the producer services, the frequency of client contacts and other user-defined variables (i.e. # of days available for sales calls). The results are displayed in terms of the producer’s need for client visit time and the producer’s availability for Prospect Calls. This spreadsheet solution may also be used independently, but fits into Agency Consulting Group, Inc.’s Producer Validation tool and the 15-Step Marketing Program featured in the Asset Protection Model of Relationship Selling.

3. The PRP (Prospect Revenue Generator) either uses the data created in the Prospect Calculator and the PPT or uses your own entered data to project a) the maximum number of prospects a producer can manage in a year, the number of accounts that will be written by active prospecting in each year of your marketing program and the NB and Total Annualized Agency Revenue that will be generated if the marketing plan and prospecting calls are successful.