Every agent bemoans the fact that they don’t have new and different products and services available to create a “stir” and bring new customers to their door.

Monday Morning Markets is a new service available through George Nordhaus with the cooperation of Rough Notes (see To make new services and products available to any agency – at no cost – that will bring the agency new customers – if they actually market the products instead of having them on their websites!

Imagine having the availability of over 800 specialty programs in your agency! Most agencies who are registering for Monday Morning Markets are doing so because it’s a FREE way of attracting new prospects to the agency’s website. Any search for any of the specialty markets will return your agency’s website as a source and the reader can review the specific specialty market. If interested, the viewer can click through to your agency and ask you questions and purchase the specialty program through your agency – and this service is AFTA (Always-Free-To-Agents)!

But the smartest agents are actually driving lists of prospects for selected specialty programs within their marketing area and are creating Target Marketing Plans to use the specialty markets to penetrate a customer base who would otherwise never contact the agency.

Here’s how the marketing program would work.

First, it’s important to realize that a marketing program is not equivalent to a marketing letter. Sending out a single marketing piece to folks who have never heard of you is a waste of your time and money. After all, they are likely already insured (perhaps in a special program or perhaps just by limited ordinary personal or commercial products) and they may either have a long term relationship with their current insurance provider or they may be an insurance orphan (our favorite target). If they have a long term relationship with an agent, a single letter from an unknown agent will not impress them into action. If they are an ‘orphan’, they are probably suspicious of anyone trying to “sell” them something and will likely not respond to an initial mailed or emailed solicitation.

So how does a marketing “program” work differently?

A marketing program is a multiple touch (the best multiple is four to five) program per year over a multiple year duration during which the prospect hears from you two to three times as often as they hear from their current provider. And hearing from you has much less to do with getting something in the mail than it would to do with providing you the excuse to MEET the prospect.

Tell me if I’m lying – none of your best clients have never met with you. For the most part, your best clients either were or have become your friends because of your interaction and relationship built around their insurance program.

MONDAY MORNING MARKETS gives you the products to create the excuse for meeting and creating relationships with new prospects!

And, most importantly the introduction of your agency through MONDAY MORNING MARKETS is not the final result – it’s the beginning of a process. You would be a foolish agent, indeed, if you sold a new customer a single product (like specialty coverage) and didn’t pursue every other line of insurance that the client needed to properly protect his assets (physical or financial)!!

So we teach agents to evolve a four-five step multi-year marketing program, with personal visits following every informational contact. It uses products that are targeted to the client (like specialty coverages for special needs) to create the opportunity to build a relationship that will mature into a client, with several lines of insurance provided by our agents.

The end result is a steady flow of new clients, very busy producers who are tuned to the special needs of specialty markets but who reach out to provide for all the insurance needs of every prospect with whom a relationship is being built.

It’s just an added benefit that MONDAY MORNING MARKETS bears no cost to the agents putting it on their websites. Every agent selected is given an exclusive territory of around 200,000 population base; but there is no limit to the territory that can be marketed by participating agents. Many specialty coverages list several programs that may fit the client’s needs. However, the sponsoring programs have one-minute video overviews and more extensive videos produced by George Nordhous; with the sponsoring program manager’s themselves explaining their specific program. And the Monday Morning Markets agencies are the pass-through recipients of the business (and commissions) driven by these sales.

Whether you choose to simply upload Monday Morning Markets on your website to control your marketing territory (no other agent will be able to have Monday Morning Markets once your territory is occupied). You can actually build a marketing program around a limitless number of specialty markets that become available to you; we encourage you to follow this link to learn more and to see if your territory is available.