Don’t Gamble When Hiring New Employees

Hiring the right personnel is a critical concern of agency owners and managers across the country. Hiring the right applicant that matches the culture and needs of your agency can produce thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Conversely, hiring the wrong person can cost the agency thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity as well as poison the overall employee morale within the agency. With so much on the line, including the expense associated with hiring a new employee, hiring an employee is a decision that you want to make with the knowledge and confidence that they will be a good fit.

There is no reason to gamble with the future of you agency each time you make a new hire. Using the ACG Hiring system, powered by Profile XT, is a proven method of evaluating prospective employees before you make the hire. This tool is customizable to meet the exact specification of the type of employee you seek, or you can use pre-loaded profiles and measure applicants against a standard for the specific position you are hiring. The ACG Hiring System takes the guesswork out of the hiring process.

For more information, we invite you to listen to this FREE 4-minute webinar. Or you can go directly to the ACG Hiring System home page and see for yourself how this powerful tool can help you be sure your next hire is the right hire.