Cool Conference Live-A Service That Can Change Your Businesss

A part of our consulting practice is to keep our clients informed about “cutting edge” technology that can help them grow, help them prosper or cost them less for needed services. Well, here’s a “DOOZY!”

We found a new company that allows anybody to host web-based teleconferencing (commonly called a webinar) using PowerPoint presentation graphics and a phone bridge at ABSOLUTELY NO COST except for normal cost of a phone call to each participant. There is no software to install, no plug-in is required and the program is very intuitive and user-friendly.


Let’s say you have a new product, an attractive program or special pricing for a specific type of industry. You want to tell fifty prospects, the primary targets, about the program. And you want to do it PERSONALLY to give them a chance to ask questions and see and hear you present it yourself. Or you have a renewal proposal for a valued client who is in another town, or state or in several locations, and all of them need to see and hear the proposal. Perhaps you’ve told a prospect that you can help him and only need 10 minutes of his time. He agrees to give you the 10 minutes and you are physically two hours away from him. That’s a four-hour trip for a 10-minute conversation. Or maybe you want to give a number of high-value clients a presentation on Long Term Heath Care. There’s little chance you can get them together and you are trying to avoid the tedious one-on-one conversations just to gauge their interest in the subject…

The four examples above are just the tip of the iceberg in how a product like can help you. Imagine Board meetings, Management meetings and Strategic Planning monthly meetings attended by participants in a variety of locations without the need for $4/gallon gas usage and time loss. This tool can also allow individual reporting and counseling sessions between a Sales Manager and producers in various locations without the need for travel. These applications and more are easily within reach by utilizing this tool.

Cool Conference Live opened in April, 2008 and provides free conferencing including:

• PowerPoint slides (unlimited presentations) – present your own PowerPoint presentations or create them using the free “wizard” on the site.

• Record Notes (unlimited bandwidth) – all participants can take notes within the application while you present, then edit and e-mail the notes to themselves or anyone else

• Share documents – upload and download Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents to and from the host and participants

• User Polling – Give quizzes, ask questions, take polls and get immediate results

• User Profiles – tailored to each user including tailored to each user including user picture, social profile like Linkedin or your business URL, and your email address.

• Group and Private Chat – allows the moderator and any or all participants to chat with everyone individually or in groups

• Music – legally plays MP3s without file sharing

• Private Labeling – your conference can be labeled to your agency name or any other title you would like

What’s the hitch? How can this be done at no charge to the user? The site plays banner ads in the background – you hardly notice the ads in the upper right corner of the screen. That’s how the site pays for itself. If you are personally opposed to banner ads, a for-fee option is also available for the service.

This conferencing solution is a must for every agent who needs new, cutting edge ways of driving business in the door and keeping customers happy by making more contacts and building relationships without the need for expensive travel.

A free and interactive demo of an actual webinar is available every Wednesday at 4PM EST for anyone interested in learning more. To attend the webinar and to learn all of the features and tools Cool Conference Live offers, simply follow these steps:

Go to:

-This link will bring you directly into a “conference room”

-You can add your photo if you have one or skip to the registration

-Enter your name and a website or bio page if you have one

(any information entered here can be changed later during the conference)

Phone: 605-475-6036 Enter Access Code: 811747

-You will be asked to record your name for an introduction

-The Phone is usually a “live” area – if you say it, everyone will hear it!

You can also visit their site at