If you were given the opportunity to sell insurance to segments of the marketplace that were previously unavailable to you, would you be interested?

If you were given the opportunity to be one of a few or the ONLY agent permitted to sell a variety of insurance products in your area, would you be interested?

If you were given access to over 700 specialty lines of business and were given marketing assistance to reach them on behalf of your agency, would you be interested?

And if you could do this at NO start-up cost and no risk, wouldn’t you be more than interested?

When George Nordhaus and I started a project we called Monday Morning Markets he was enthralled with the chance of opening a new marketing thrust for independent agents that would put them well ahead of direct writers for segments of the insurance industry that have been underserved for many years.

I had a different motivation.  Those of you who have been exposed and have converted your agencies from price-driven quoters of insurance (a losing proposition to the low cost competitors who sell low and offer little for the premium dollar) to Relationship Sellers through the Asset Protection Model of Relationship Selling (APM) know that this method works to gain new clients steadily for agencies of all sizes who have made the conversion.  But the key weakness was the inability of agents to access sufficient targeted prospects to market themselves as relationship sellers.

George’s and my new marketing company, recently re-named as USA INSURANCE NETWORK solved that problem.

USA INSURANCE NETWORK / Monday Morning Markets has been operating for over a year and we have steadily grown, expecting to have over 300 agents in the network by the time you read this article.  We have over 700 programs available and our Featured Programs are published on every agent’s website, drawing viewers and searchers interested in the target markets.

Our expectation was to begin the program with a core of dedicated agents who would be encouraged to participate at no cost as we evolved our programs.  We would then begin charging NEW agents to join the network and enjoy its benefits.  All agents gain the benefits of referrals of prospects from search engines and an excellent marketing tool to drive business to the agencies in the target markets for which the featured programs excel.  The USA INSURANCE NETWORK agents get the sale and all the commission.

IF you register as an agent for USA INSURANCE NETWORK during 2017 you will be grandfathered into this program as a free service!  I am negotiating with George to allow some of our PIPELINE readers (you) and Agency Consulting Group, Inc. consulting clients to join in the first few months of 2018 and gain the same benefits.  After that, joining will cost any new participating agency an annual fee.

Of course, if you wait, the cost of joining will still be quite modest compared to the sales opportunities that will be available to you by creating a steady stream of prospects for you and your producers to contact and build new relationships.

Please accept this early Christmas Gift from Agency Consulting Group, Inc. and from USA INSURANCE NETWORK!!  Go to  to see what the prospect sees.  Then go to to learn what agents can achieve by becoming appointed with USA INSURANCE NETWORK and what SMPs (Specialty Market Providers) can achieve in new business sales by becoming a Featured Program.

Finally, link to to Register to become a member agent in USA INSURANCE NETWORK.  We’ll review your application and, if you qualify and if your territory is still available we’ll get back to you to start the New Year with many more sales opportunities than you have had recently.

Our goal is to eliminate the search for clients as a roadblock to your growth and success as an agency.  USA INSURANCE NETWORK will provide you hundreds of specialty programs.  We will market to them on your behalf if you desire.  You will sell the coverage and gain ALL of the commissions – we are not an MGA nor a reseller.  And, if you don’t know how to market to new prospects, Agency Consulting Group, Inc. will be happy to help you convert from a Price-Quoter to a Relationship Builder to get more clients and keep them forever.