Benchmark Your Agency ONLINE in 5 Easy Steps

Benchmark Your Agency ONLINE in 5 Easy Steps

This issue allows you to compare your agency to the Composite group data collected over the past 12 months. But it is faster, easier and FREE to participate in benchmarking online.

Here are the simple steps to participate in Benchmarking your agency online:

You will need your current year and prior year Operating Statement and Balance Sheet

Open your web browser and visit

Using the BENCHMARKING tab in the dark gray shaded area, click the “Benchmark Your Agency” button

Fill in the Benchmarking Worksheet. This information is confidential and secure (Refer to the first paragraph on page 1).

If you choose, you can receive a side by side comparison of your agency to the specific composite group for the data you entered. This service can ONLY be offered at the time you enter your information as even Agency Consulting Group, Inc. cannot identify your agency information after you complete the process. This optional service has a nominal fee of only $30. If you do not choose this service, you pay nothing!

By entering your data online, you receive the benefit of access to the LIVE database for a full year. You can see the trends in the insurance agency industry as they happen!!!