The core analysis that Agency Consulting Group, Inc. does on every new client is a GPP Analysis (Growth, Profitability and Productivity).

Many agents call us every year with specific issues to attack:

Their producers aren’t producing – or they can’t seem to find producers who “stick”

Their employees are complaining about overwork but the revenues aren’t growing and, in many cases are shrinking

Their retention rates are not acceptable and the owners don’t know why they are losing clients

All of these (and many more woes) are brought to us annually – AND NONE OF THEM REPRESENT THE REAL PROBLEM! In actuality, these are all SYMPTOMS of different (and sometimes deeper and much more insidious) problems that attack unsuspecting agencies.

The GPP Analysis boils down all of the rhetoric, emotions and symptoms and drives us to identify both the real problems at hand and the solutions that are needed to solve the real problems.

Every agent believes (s)he KNOWS the agency intimately. We have found that most don’t know it as well as they should. They know what they are being told and what they observe, but not the issues that are highly visible if the right monitors and metrics are reviewed. So our first entry point is to ask for the completion of a very deep questionnaire that tells us everything that we need to know to learn how the agency operates. Many agents complete the questionnaire prior to our arrival but some allow us to complete it as we do our GPP visit to their agency.

Just as no doctor in his right mind would provide a diagnosis based on here-say or on your or other people’s opinions. Similarly, be very suspicious of any consultant who would tell you what’s wrong with your agency without knowing you and your staff and how you operate from the systems and procedures to the selling and retention methods.

That’s what we do using the GPP Questionnaire as our basis and our visit to the agency as the medium for our analysis. We visit you and talk to every key member of your staff. We review your insurance company Production & Loss documents for several years to determine the quality of your book of business ACROSS ALL CARRIERS. We ask for (and often run ourselves) reports from your Agency Management System to support, validate or question the methods and procedures we are told are in operation. We look to all producers to determine if, in fact, their role is the growth of the book of business or has converted to being an Account Executive or Account Manager for their existing client base.

The end result is a set of recommendations that run the gamut of organizational, operational, financial, sales and marketing and even carrier analysis.

Many consultants stop at the recommendations. We do not. Our GPP Analysis provides you full documentation for the implementation of every recommendation we make. Of course, we are available to help implement anything we recommend. But we believe that the time WE spend and the money YOU spend should be self-sufficient. We give you the tools to implement every recommendation yourself (with us always in the ‘wings’ should you need any assistance).

Perhaps now is the time to shake the cobwebs loose and figure out why the business you built with your own two hands is not performing anywhere near as efficiently and effectively as you growth as it did when you ran it as a one-man operation.

Call us if you need a GPP Analysis or if you just want to talk, get acquainted and figure out what your next steps should be. We can be reached at 800 779 2430 ( ) or you can see everything we offer at .