It never ceases to amaze us how insurance agencies find ‘gurus’ to accomplish advances in technology to move their businesses forward. You don’t have to be a technology “wiz,” you just have to know where to find them!!

J.S. Ward & Son is a fourth generation, family owned agency in Artesia, New Mexico. They are not the largest agency in New Mexico, but they look like the most professional agency for anyone who finds their website, . With the help of Great Northwest Insurance Company, J.S. Ward assigned AgenciesOnLine ( – the brainchild of George Nordhaus, Val Jordan and Richard Wulff) the responsibility to deliver a site rich in information, interaction and video to represent the agency to its clients and marketing area on the Internet.

The website allows clients and visitors to research various insurance products, request quotes and communicate with agency staff. A Client Resource section of the site permits 24/7 access to many services for registered clients.

J.S. Ward and Son has taken a medium sized agency with a specialty in oil & gas and has given it a very strong representation for all lines on the web. This makes it a strong contender for accounts of any size in their marketing area. Of course, they have to deliver results commensurate with the image they cast, but Gary Sims, Ward’s President and Anna Byers, the fourth generation of agency owners believe that they can deliver on the promise that is so well crafted in this website. If you want more information about J.S. Ward and Sons, see Rough Notes, March, 2011 issue.

We urge you to take a look through and call George or Val (505-820-6600) to see what AgenciesOnline can do for you. This is NOT an advertisement for AgenciesOnline. It is a call to action for all the agents out there who have talked a good game about needing a professional website, but continue to present themselves as no better than a digital yellow-page ad. AgenciesOnline is just one representative of the cutting edge companies that are available to agents to make the transition to a digital world easier.