Do you know what plagues industry consultants more than anything else?

Our greatest frustration is spending your money and our time identifying the best solution to problems that limit your growth and profitability and then finding out that the solutions didn’t get implemented or implemented properly because you didn’t have the time, ability or human resources to implement the solution!

We actually have an Association called AAIMCO (The American Association of Insurance Management Consultants) that meets annually with this as a perpetual topic of conversation. The consultants who have worked in the industry for dozens of years certainly have had the experience to understand and identify solutions when we analyze an agency operation. The best of us have those solutions sufficiently codified that we can send them to you in full detail. But none of us have been able to help you implement the solutions within your own organization — UNTIL NOW.

We, at Agency Consulting Group, Inc., have been diligently working with a wonderful consultant and trainer, Brandie Hinen, CEO and founder of The Virtuoso! Experience and primary coach and founder of Power House Learning to bring the modules that we recommend to life by remaining involved in the implementation stage. We will implement the following “most requested” systems and many others:

Producer Effectiveness and Productivity (including “The Asset Protection Model” of Relationship Selling”, producer acquisition, training, compensation and management),

Employee Productivity and Effectiveness (including “The Incentive Compensation Program”, dynamic internal procedures, enhanced productivity),

Organizational Development (changing your management and organization to better respond to your and your clients’ needs),

Succession and Perpetuation Planning (selecting and confirming the right successors, making the transaction as tax-beneficial and cash-flow beneficial to both new owners and old)

Strategic Planning for Growth (the way to manage change over the long run)

Our new program, “INSURANCE AGENCY TRANSFORMATION” ( will bring these programs to life by adding training and coaching through remote video training on a regular basis to supplement and implement the recommendations you choose to accept from our GPP Analysis. We will provide coaching and counselling throughout the training period. We add direct management (where needed) to assure you that the efforts you exert to positively change your agency will bear fruit and result in REAL GROWTH and PROFITABILITY.

If you have been frustrated by knowing what needs to be done in your agency, learning how to do it from our interventions or other sources but never reaching the goal of implementation, please call me TODAY. It costs nothing to talk to myself and/or Brandie about how our analysis and solutions and her training, coaching and counselling can act as a conduit to TRANSFORM YOUR AGENCY into its next generation of productivity for you, for your clients, for your employees and for your successors. We can be reached at 800 779 2430.