A High Level Total System Approach to

Hiring ANY Type of Agency Employee

For many years Agency Consulting Group, Inc. has been asked to provide help in the screening tool for producers and other agency employees. Many agents have come to recognize the costly expense related to bad hires in terms of actual dollars, but also in the morale of the employee, the other agency staff, and the stress to you, the owner. The agents who have been through this experience understand that the value of properly selecting employees can save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of only a few years while adding to a high quality staff every time a new employee is hired.

There have always been three primary parts of the acquisition process for agency employees such as producers, managers, service staff and administrative employees: the Resume´, the Interview and the Test or Assessment.

The resume is often the first qualifier of a potential candidate. Reviewing resume´s allows the agent to see what how the candidate markets him or herself. Sometimes, an agency will contact references and former employers for top candidates at this early stage to help confirm a candidate as legitimate or disqualify them from the pool of other applicants.

The Interview in many agencies is comprised of an agency owner “selling” the prospect on working at the agency, But not all owners are as skilled in probing for the skills and personality dynamics that would indicate whether the candidate could perform the job, or if they would do well in the role for which they are being considered. Few owners understand the complex nature of how a new employee would fit within the culture of the agency.

There are a myriad of tests and assessments in the market, some of which are good indicators of skill sets. Others concentrate on personality types. Few assessments combine insurance agency skill sets, thinking style and behavioral traits that are so important in identifying the “fit” of the prospect with the agency. And only select tests will provide Interview Question Suggestions to further develop whether the candidate is right for the agency.

We have selected a system that does it all, and at an affordable price to the agency.

1. One section will test the insurance knowledge of the applicant required for the position. You administer the test that covers the lines of business that are appropriate for the candidate’s job potential.

2. Another section will measure Thinking Style and Reasoning (verbal and math aptitudes), the Occupational Interests that motivate the candidate and the Behavioral Traits (personality dimensions) that define how the candidate will work with your agency staff.

3. Each section will trigger interview questions that will prompt you to ask about areas of strength as well as potential weaknesses.

4. For producers, we will look at their energy levels (endurance), measure their assertiveness and sociability, their decisiveness and their attitude and accommodation ability, and their level of independence.

All this is done in a user-friendly graphic interface, making it easy to see the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. A report is provided that allows you to coach and counsel the performance of producers and office staff to higher levels of performance. The Interview Guide provides attorney and HR field-tested questions that are specific to the candidate that you are interviewing. If you have done assessments on other members of your staff, a consolidated report compares and contrasts the candidates with the other members of the staff for you to judge cultural fit.

We invite you to review the ACGHiring System by linking here: or accessing it from . Our system is discounted for PIPELINE subscribers and for Agency Consulting Group, Inc. clients. Call us at (800) 779-2430 for more information or e-mail .