Social Media and Social Networking are hot topics right now. We have seen social media services rise and fall, and even within the last year, a new service developed allowing you to simply pin photos to your board.

We understand that there is certainly a relationship building and management application for insurance agents through social networks, we have just not seen a well-developed model specifically for insurance agencies. o we are entering the fray, with the help of a few very knowledgeable people in the arena of social

networking and our own Marketing Director, David Diamond, to provide our clients and readers with a

Solution. Instead of giving you a formula that has neither been tested nor proven effective, we are building our own social network connections and will test the methods ourselves. We will tell you what doesn’t work and share those methods that effectively generate business into a formula that we can give to you.

Here’s where we need your help. We’d like to know whether or not you are involved, personally or

commercially, in any form of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any social network). That’s right, whether you are only on social media sites to see pictures of grandchildren or play farm games, we would like to know. If you are already highly successful with an agency page or simply have place-holder, we want to hear from you. And if you have never heard of social media and are already determined that it is not for you, there is an option for you also!

For participating in our survey, we will send you a small token of our appreciation!

Just send us an email to with one of the two subjects:

No, I’m not involved in any Social Network personally or professionally

(make sure to include your name and address in the email so we can send your gift)


Yes, I’m involved in Social Networking

If you are involved in social networking, personally or professionally, please send us your :

Facebook address: ______________________

Twitter address: ______________________

LinkedIn address: ______________________

Other Social Network (name:_________________________________)

If you have any questions or comments about Social Networking for your agency, we’d be happy to discuss speak with you. Give us a call at (800) 779-2430 and ask for David Diamond.