ACG Hiring System

Agency Consulting Group, Inc. has often been asked to provide help in the selection and screening process for new agency employees. While there are many tests and assessments available, most either concentrate on skill sets or on personality types. Few combine agency skill sets, thinking style and behavioral traits that are needed to assure the proper “FIT” of a new employee into an agency culture. Even fewer tests provide the actual interview questions based on the assessment results that will help agents determine if a candidate is right for the job and for the agency.

We have analyzed all of the testing services available and selected the best system that does it all – and at a price affordable to every agency (discounted further for agencies accessing the service through Agency Consulting Group, Inc.).

1. We will test the insurance knowledge of the applicant required for the position. You administer the test that covers the appropriate lines of business.
2. We will test Thinking Style and Reasoning, occupational interests that motivate the candidate and will define how the candidate fits your agency culture.
3. Each section of the Assessment will generate further interview questions based on the responses of the candidates, testing both perceived strengths and weaknesses.
4. On the producer test, we look at their energy levels (endurance), their assertiveness and sociability (can they make friends or just quote insurance?), their decisiveness and their attitude and accommodation ability as well as their level of independence.

All of this is done instantly, on line with immediate response to the agent. A report is generated that permits you to coach and counsel the performance of the producers and office staff to the highest levels of performance and productivity.

Finally, if you choose to test your current staff as a baseline, a consolidated report will compare and contrast your candidates with your current staff to measure cultural fit.

Job Descriptions, Screening Interview Questions, a full skills assessment, a reasoning style and thinking style assessment, follow-up interview questions to clarify strengths and weaknesses – a bargain at $250, but discounted to $225 for Agency Consulting Group, Inc. clients and friends. Call us or click through to the Hiring System below to take advantage of all the power of a full system. A failed hire can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and years of grief. Use the Hiring System to assure your best chance of hiring success.

Call us for more information 800-779-2430 or click through this link to access the full power of the AGENCY CONSULTING GROUP HIRING SYSTEM including the discounted costs to you as a friend of Agency Consulting Group, Inc.